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Signs in the Tram Museum

This small and free museum is devoted to the Helsinki trams and located at the City´s oldest tram depot (from 1900), which is a part of Korjaamo Cultural Factory. The museum presents tram history on grassroots level, from a passenger´s point of view. They have historic trams on display that you and your kids can climb around on and stamp your own tickets there also. On the wall there are lot of old, wooden and handpainted signs from 1920-30´s. I really love the colors and style of the these vintage signs.

Tram Museum


Karl Fazer Café

Karl Fazer Café is a modern classic café where the entire history of Fazer started in 1891. It´s the flagship café for the mighty chocolate empire and it´s an ideal place to buy Fazer confectionery, fresh breads and cakes. Karl Fazer Café is located in Helsinki on Kluuvikatu street.

Karl Fazer Café and this impressive chrome sign from 20´s above the entrance are familiar for everybody in Helsinki. The building was designed by Gösta Juslén.

Karl Fazer Café

fazer1 copy

Joutsen apteekki

Joutsen apteekki (Swan pharmacy) began operations in 1912. It is the only Finnish pharmacy, which has been all the time in the same premises and the furnishings have been preserved in its original condition. Here you can really feel the atmosphere of old-time pharmacy -the shelves are full of old medicine jars with labels of Latin names. This historical pharmacy and beautiful sign from 1900´s  are situated in Lapinlahdenkatu 1, Kamppi area.



Marstähti at Mariankatu 24, is one of the many impressive artnouveau houses in Kruununhaka area. It was designed by architect Eino Scroderus and built in 1909. The blue tile is very beautiful with the name of the house and gold-colored typography.