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Karl Fazer Café

Karl Fazer Café is a modern classic café where the entire history of Fazer started in 1891. It´s the flagship café for the mighty chocolate empire and it´s an ideal place to buy Fazer confectionery, fresh breads and cakes. Karl Fazer Café is located in Helsinki on Kluuvikatu street.

Karl Fazer Café and this impressive chrome sign from 20´s above the entrance are familiar for everybody in Helsinki. The building was designed by Gösta Juslén.

Karl Fazer Café

fazer1 copy

Hakaniemi Market Square

Hakaniemi Market Square is the best place in Helsinki to buy fresh produce, Finnish handcrafts and enjoy a good traditional Finnish coffee. Morning porridge or a ”lihapiirakka”( meat pastry with mustard and ketchup) are also worth of tasting.

hakaniemen tori