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Arkadiankatu 14

Here is another  beautiful wall signature of contractor Leuto A. Pajunen at Arkadiankatu 14, Töölö. This green house was built in 1921 and the famous sculptor Gunnar Finne had his ateljé there in that time. In the 1960’s his ateljé was transformed into a restaurant and nowadays you can find one of the best Finnish restaurants, Ateljé Finne, over there.

Arkadiankatu 14


Lutherinkatu 14B

Last sunday i was cycling around town and found this very stylish iron gate at Lutherinkatu14B, Töölö area. This house near Temppeliaukio is built in 1927 and the condensed sans serif typography must be from that time also.

Lutherinkatu 14

Lutherinkatu 14B


Töölö is a district which is famous for its functional architecture. This house, designed by Gunnar Nordström, was built in 1933 for the child care. Now it has been lovingly restored and is still one of the finest buildings in this area . Above the entrance, the typography is subtle and very well designed.




The Palace building has been selected as one of The Finnish masterpieces of modern architecture. The Palace Hotel was opened in 1952, the year of Helsinki Olympic Games. The building was designed by Viljo Revell and Keijo Petäjä and famous interior designers were such as Olli Borg, Antti Nurmesniemi and Olavi Hänninen. This modernist building hosted also the main offices of the Confederation of Finnish Industry and Employers. I´m sure that everybody who lives in Helsinki recognise this beautiful neon sign on the roof of the Palace building.


Eteläranta 10, Helsinki


You can find this black iron gate and beautiful art nouveau typography at Maurinkatu 4, Kruununhaka area. This house located close to Liisanpuisto was built in 1911 and designed by architect Heikki Kaartinen.


Maurinkatu 4, Helsinki

Maneesikatu 2A

Lars Sonck, together with Eliel Saarinen, was one of the most important Finnish architects of  National Romanticism -period. As a 23 year-old, and even before graduating, Lars Sonck made his breakthrough as an architect by winning a competition organised in Turku to design a major church. During his career Lars Sonck designed churches, public offices, apartment buildings, and log cabins, prepared town and city plans, and held strong views on public construction. His very well known works in Helsinki are Kallio Church, Mikael Agricola Church, Helsinki Telephone Company building, Eira Hospital, Helsinki Stock Exchange, and Hypoteekkiyhdistys.  This beautiful residential building, built in 1909,  you can admire at Maneesikatu 2,  Kruununhaka.


Eerikinkatu 10

Architect Jalmari Peltonen was a very productive and designed to Helsinki a total of 40 apartment buildings, the majority of these to Töölö. This straight-line, functionalist house at Kamppi area was built in 1928. On the front of the house still has the original glass signage with classic serif typography.