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Arkadiankatu 14

Here is another  beautiful wall signature of contractor Leuto A. Pajunen at Arkadiankatu 14, Töölö. This green house was built in 1921 and the famous sculptor Gunnar Finne had his ateljé there in that time. In the 1960’s his ateljé was transformed into a restaurant and nowadays you can find one of the best Finnish restaurants, Ateljé Finne, over there.

Arkadiankatu 14



Handelsgillet is a traditional private gentlemen ’s club , and the oldest of its kind in Finland . Club apartment has been located in the same spot at Kasarminkatu 23 since 1926. The house was built in 1918 and designed by architects von Essen, Kallio & Ikäläinen. These bold, golden letters are still very stylish.



Privata svenska flickskolan

”Privata svenska flickskolan” building company bought up a plot in Töölö, at the corner of Apollonkatu 12 and Minervankatu 3, and in the autumn 1927 they released an architectural competition, which was won by architect Eva Kuhlefelt-Ekelund. In spring 1928, construction could be started and in september 1929 students could move in and schoolwork could begin. This beautiful, functionalist building is absolutely one of Töölö´s landmarks. The architect seemed to had had a very good eye for graphic design and typography also.


flickskolan copy


With a history dating back to the 1850s, Ekberg is considered a beloved veteran of the Finnish café and confectionary culture. Today their business includes a café and patisserie with own bakery, as well as a catering service and a rental space for private events. I do not know the history of this sign; it’s quite showy but still suitable for the colors and architecture of the building.

Café Ekberg


Töölö/Tölö Sports Hall

Töölön Kisahalli, Töölö Sports Hall is an old sports venue, designed by Aarne Hytönen and Risto-Veikko Luukkonen. It was originally  built in 1935 as an Exhibition Hall for concerts, banquets and sporting events, but is now used only for training and competition in various sports. During the Helsinki Olympics 1952 gymnastics, wrestling, boxing, weightlifting events and basketball finals were held at Töölö Sports Hall.

Töölön Kisahalli


Töölön Kisahalli


You can find this black iron gate and beautiful art nouveau typography at Maurinkatu 4, Kruununhaka area. This house located close to Liisanpuisto was built in 1911 and designed by architect Heikki Kaartinen.


Maurinkatu 4, Helsinki

Meritullinkatu 22

Architect Albert Mellin designed this beautiful Neo-Renaissance house in 1888 at the address Meritullinkatu 22, Kruununhaka area. Style of the numbers, decorations and matt colour palette of the house are typical of the era and fits perfectly together.