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You can find this black iron gate and beautiful art nouveau typography at Maurinkatu 4, Kruununhaka area. This house located close to Liisanpuisto was built in 1911 and designed by architect Heikki Kaartinen.


Maurinkatu 4, Helsinki

Ritarikatu 3

This beautiful wrought iron gate and four-storey neo-renaissance building are located in Ritarikatu 3. This residential is the St. Petersburg based Albert Mellin’s one of the few surviving buildings dating back to 1884.



Usko Nyström was one of the most influential Finnish architects together with his students such as Eliel Saarinen and  Alvar Aalto. Many of his works were made while he was in the architectural partnership at Usko Nyström─Petrelius─Penttilä, which operated from 1895 to 1908. Among the most notable works of this trio were 18 bourgeois apartment buildings in central Helsinki, but his most famous work is the Grand Hôtel Cascade (Imatran Valtionhotelli), built in 1903. This beautiful ”Städet” apartment building at Meritullinkatu 9/Rauhankatu 3, was built in 1905. As you can see Nyström was also a very talented typographer -these national romantic styled letters are fabulous and my favourite ones. You can also find more of his creations very nearby, for example at Oikokatu 13, Kristianinkatu 1 and Liisankatu 16. städet

Maneesikatu 2A

Lars Sonck, together with Eliel Saarinen, was one of the most important Finnish architects of  National Romanticism -period. As a 23 year-old, and even before graduating, Lars Sonck made his breakthrough as an architect by winning a competition organised in Turku to design a major church. During his career Lars Sonck designed churches, public offices, apartment buildings, and log cabins, prepared town and city plans, and held strong views on public construction. His very well known works in Helsinki are Kallio Church, Mikael Agricola Church, Helsinki Telephone Company building, Eira Hospital, Helsinki Stock Exchange, and Hypoteekkiyhdistys.  This beautiful residential building, built in 1909,  you can admire at Maneesikatu 2,  Kruununhaka.


Meritullinkatu 22

Architect Albert Mellin designed this beautiful Neo-Renaissance house in 1888 at the address Meritullinkatu 22, Kruununhaka area. Style of the numbers, decorations and matt colour palette of the house are typical of the era and fits perfectly together.



Marstähti at Mariankatu 24, is one of the many impressive artnouveau houses in Kruununhaka area. It was designed by architect Eino Scroderus and built in 1909. The blue tile is very beautiful with the name of the house and gold-colored typography.



J.V. Snellman (1806-1881) was a philosopher, statesman, author and journalist. He was also one of the major Finnish thinkers of 1800s. The Snellman statue competition was held in 1913 and won by Emil Wikström and Eliel Saarinen´s proposal.
Assets for the statue was acquired by civil collection and statue was unveiled in front of the Bank of Finland in 1923. Statue damaged in 1944 by a dropped bomb and those visible damages on the base is left to remind the great bombardment at Snellmaninkatu.



Relandersgrund is a former lightship from Rauma and it is oldest one remaining in Finland.  It was built in 1888. The red vessel has been since 2006 a café-restaurant boat at Meritulli Square, Kruununhaka in Helsinki. The white name of the boat on the side of the ship looks really outstanding.