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3 by Gustaf Estlander

Gustaf Estlander (1876-1930) was very wide-ranging Finnish architect who is known as beautiful Art Nouveau houses in Helsinki. Estlander was also the designer of the boat, racing yachtsman and European champion in speed skating. All Estlander buildings of today are classified as culturally and historically valuable. This picture is from Luotsikatu 3, Katajanokka.

luotsikatu 3


Katajanokka is principally known for its fine examples of art nouveau architecture. One of these ”jugendstil” buildings is Koitto at Luotsikatu 18. It was built in 1904 and designed by Oscar Bomarson and Bertel Jung. Koitto typeface at the wall is a bit clumsy and made of red bricks.


Helsingfors Borg

Helsingfors Borg is a beautiful grey art nouveau building at the corner of Linnakatu 7 and Vyökatu 2, Katajanokka. It was built in 1904 and drawn by Albert Nyberg. As you see, at that time architects were very skillful typographers, too.



Architect Waldemar Wilenius  designed this large neo-renaissance house in 1898 to Katajanokka, Kauppiaankatu 1-3.  At that time, the architects were very skillfull typographers and the house name ”Kontio”  positioned above the door is still very sturdy and timeless.


Signora Delizia

Signora Delizia is located in the historic Aeolus-house at Satamakatu, Katajanokka.The house is designed by architect Selim A. Lindqvist and was built in 1903. The house represents the art nouveau style , which can be admired more at the streets nearby. In this place there was originally one of Helsinki’s oldest cigar shops, called Signora . These beautiful letters and sign are original, as well as the part of the furnishing.

Signora Delizia